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We are all about wine: So wrapped up in it that we sit around tasting, reading, studying and fantasizing about great wine all day long! When we get home, we research and read more about wine for hours. When we watch TV, we are usually watching some wine-related video. When our families give us a gift for our birthday, it is usually wine related. Sometimes, we can’t sleep at night because we are thinking about wine. If you see one of us out and about and it seems our mind is wondering- we are probably thinking about wine. We taste about 100 wines before we find five that fits our criteria of quality and value. We are the CSRA wine experts. We have over 2200 brands of wine and beers to pick from. We will find something you like. We are all about wine. We love wine!


Roger Strohl

Roger Strohl

Roger Strohl was born in a small Southern Illinois town of 5,000 souls called Shelbyville. He worked for a nursery during his high school years and then bought the nursery at age 19. During the long cold winters, the nursery was more of a seasonal business and he sold the land five years later. He moved to Decatur Illinois and worked at Caterpillar Tractor Company. Roger attended Millikin University and graduated with a Biology-Medical Technology Degree, Business Degree and a Minor in Chemistry. Strohl attended the St. Mary’s School of Medical Technology for his internship. After completion he became ASCP (American Society of Medical Technology) certified and practiced microbiology in the laboratory department at St. Mary’s Hospital.

In 1986, Roger became a Pharmaceutical Representative for the Pharmacia & Upjohn Company. He took a promotion as a Federal Government Manager for South Carolina and Georgia and relocated to the Augusta area in 1999 where he finished number one in the nation in his division and won the highest award the company had to offer several times.

During his time as a representative, he had to be creative with ways to attract physicians to attend events. Strohl combined physician meetings with wine tastings and his interest in wine took root. When Pfizer purchased Pharmacia, Roger decided to go a different direction. After a short stint with another pharmaceutical company and after recommendation of his physician to get off the road, Roger started the Vineyard at Evans, Inc.

During his travels around the nation, Roger would stop in and speak with owners of wine stores and brought back the best of each of these stores to produce the finest wine store in the CSRA, and one of the best in Georgia and the country. As the Vineyard Wine Market has grown, Roger has begun to write wine articles and performs wine seminars in the CSRA area. Strohl is presently the Director of the American Wine Society in the Augusta area.

Rogers’ wife Judi also enjoys wine and pairing with foods. Together they have three sons and enjoy gardening, traveling and visiting vineyards and wineries. Most of all Roger enjoys the people he has met since opening the store and loves the time he can get together with other wine lovers.

John Desboeufs

It all started a stormy wintry day in Northern Ohio. Johnny D was ushered into this world for one purpose and one purpose only; to drink, enjoy, educate and sell wine.

John always had a curiosity about the world. Always experimenting with different ideas; some worked some didn’t. He decided to become goals oriented and more constructive after setting fire to his brand new bicycle his father bought him for his First Holy Communion. With a guiding hand(holding a switch)from his father he set John on a course of the straight and narrow.

Johnny and his family moved to the Augusta area in the seventies from Michigan. After graduation from Westside High school Johnny attended Augusta State and graduated with a degree in Liberal Arts in 1995.

John has gained his knowledge of wine from hands on training and experience by worked at numerous restaurants in the Augusta area. As a representative for a state distributor, John serviced the Augusta area and was introduced to a wide range of wines from around the world.

Johnny came to The Vineyard during its conception and has been here since the opening day. He must like it at The Vineyard because he always says “another day in paradise” when asked how he’s doing.

His knowledge of wine is unsurpassed but where he is at his best is his relationship with each customer he meets. John can zero in on a palate and find the wine that is best for you.