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Aug. 7-Wines Down Under

Event: Australia! In 1788 Governor Arthur Phillips brought grape cuttings with him to New South Wales, a newly formed British penal colony. The journey from Portsmouth to Australia was long and arduous, and when the First Fleet, led by Governor Phillips, stopped in Cape of Good Hope in Africa for the final provisions they needed to settle in Australia, Phillips procured vine cuttings from some of the best vines in Africa to plant in Australia.

Australia’s most famous wine, Shiraz, was formerly known as Syrah in France and other wine growing regions, but Australia has made it such a famous grape under the name Shiraz, that most wine makers have followed their lead and begun calling their Syrah grapes Shiraz.

Today, Australia is the fourth largest wine exporting country in the world.

Where: Vineyard Wine Market (map), 4414 Evans to Lock Road, Evans, GA. (706) 922-9463

When: Friday, August 6, 2010, 4:30-6:30pm, Saturday, August 7, 2010 1-6pm
Cost: Price determined by flight selection.

Here are the wines to be presented:

Rosemont Traminer Riesling 2008
What: This wine is sourced from premium wine regions across southeastern Australia. Traminer Riesling is a delicious blend of two of the world’s most expressive and flavorsome grape varieties. Traminer–also known as Gewurztraminer–has a spicy, tropical fruit
aroma reminiscent of lychees and exotic scent, with a generous, soft palate. The Riesling component adds elegance to the finish, with lifted, floral flavors and a fine acidity which balances the wine to perfection. The Gewurztraminer was cold-fermented at 13 degrees Celsius. A third of the Riesling was retained as unfermented juice and later blended with the dry-fermented components prior to bottling.
Color: Light straw with lime highlights.
Nose: Tropical fruit aromas combine with more delicate blossom notes, wrapped up with a hint of spice.
Palate:Sweet tropical fruit flavors flood the palate developing honeyed notes towards the finish. Fresh, citrus acidity adds great balance and a clean, lively finish.
From: Australia
Winery: Rosemont
Year: 2008

Rutherglen “The Alliance”
From: Rutherglen, Australia
Winery: Rutherglen Estates
Grapes: 70% Marsanne 30% Viognier
Fusional Sauvignon Blanc 2009
From: Australia
: Fusional
Year: 2009

Razors Edge Chardonnay
What: The Razor’s Edge Unwooded Chardonnay offers distinctive varietal fruit characters of citrus, passion fruit, and white peach. Our Chardonnay offers a purity of flavor and a level of varietal distinction not found amongst the competition. In an world where manipulation is the current rule, Razor’s Edge has succeeded by letting the real wine speak for itself and the Razor’s Edge Chardonnay is the perfect example. This wine was first introduced with the 2006 vintage as a follow up to our enormously successful Razor’s Edge Shiraz.
From: Australia
Winery: Razors Edge

Morse Code Shiraz 2008
What: In this digital world, we remember the craft of the postal telegraphists. For decades their Morse signals, dexterously delivered across Australia’s great telegraph line, connected us with the world and helped to save countless lives. We honour the Morse Codian Fraternity with this collection of gourmet produce and fine wines. The Morse Code Shiraz is a fruit-driven wine with minimal oak to allow
the fruit flavours and regional characters to be at the forefront. The wine shows fruit characters of blueberries and cherries with hints of
liquorice and touches of spice and pepper. The palate is rich and full with a nice depth of berry fruit, toasted spice
and a touch of mint, with a fleshy mid palate and a soft, round finish.
Oak profile: A small proportion of the wine finished ferment in barrel, but the majority was
unoaked to allow the fruit to shine–From their Website
From: Australia
Winery: Henry’s Drive
Year: 2008
Grapes: 100% Shiraz
McWilliams Cabernet Sauvignon
What: Color: Youthful crimson red with purple hues. Aromas & Flavors: This wine expresses black currant and blackberry fruit flavors. Further complexity and length are added by vanilla oak notes that compliment the fruit and result in a long, rich finish. Cellaring potential: Enjoy at the time of release for its fresh fruit flavors. Serving Temperature: Room Temperature (18°C)
From: Australia
Winery: McWilliams

The Formula Robert’s Shiraz
What: This is a big, full flavoured Shiraz produced from 40 year old vines, grown on the Adelaide Plains. Well balanced and textured, this wine shows savoury and chocolate notes with soft tannins and a structured palate.
From: Australia
Winery: Small Gully Wines

Hently Farms Zinfandel
From: Australia
Winery: Hently Farms

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