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Beer and Wine this weekend

Beers on Tap for the Weekend Tasting. Wines Too. Since the heat gets to us all, we decided to taste a few beers this weekend. Of course we will have wines too, but more beers than normal. Our beers will be various and changing with supply; when we sell out of one type we will change to a different beer. A great time to explore new wines, brews and discover the many differences. Don’t forget the nibbles.

Here are the wines:
Estancia Chardonnay
From: Monterey, California
Winery: Estancia

Mark West Chardonnay
From: Santa Lucia Highlands, California
Winery: Mark West

Red Rock Red Blend
From: Healdsburg, California
Winery: Red Rock

Lapis Luna Cabernet Cabernet
From: California
Winery: Lapis Luna

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