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Best Pick Blind Tasting-May 23

Wednesday, May 23, 6:30 PM: Your Best Pick Blind Tasting! Here is how it will work. We will limit this tasting to 16 people. Come in and purchase a wine you consider to be the best wine we carry or the best wine you like. We will place it in the mix of the 15 other wines. All wines will be covered and blind! You and all the others in attendance will taste the wine and vote on it. We will continue till all the wines are tasted and scored. Then we will tally up the scores and see which wine comes out on top. You may be shocked!! The winner wins a $50 gift certificate to The Vineyard!

This will be a sit down type of tasting. As with all tastings, no heavy cologne or perfume please!

Reservations will be required. $10 Please call 706-922-9463 to reserve your place today!