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Big Stratton Lumis & Row Eleven Tasting with Eric Crane!

Founded in April 2004, Row Eleven Wine Company currently produces three wine brands: Row Eleven, Stratton Lummis and Civello. They crush grapes from Santa Barbara County to Sonoma County & work with California’s finest vineyards. It is their belief that great grapes must be crushed within ten miles of each vineyard which makes it impossible for them to have a central winery.

Row Eleven wines are served by the nation’s best sommeliers and chefs. The wines are found in the finest restaurants, wine bars and wine shops across the US including Elements (AZ), La Folie (CA), Opus (CO), Ortanique (FL), Ecco (GA), L20 (IL), R. Bistro (IN), Proof on Main (KY), Red Ginger (MI), CUT (NV), Hotel Encanto (NM), Cesca (NY), Noble’s (NC), Daveed’s (OH) and Charleston Grill (SC). .

On Wednesday March 19th, Eric Crane will be at The Vineyard showing these very fine wines! Here is what is on tap:


Civello Pinot Gris: $12.99
Row Eleven Ca Vinas 3 Pinot Noir: $19.99
Row Eleven Santa Maria Pinot Noir: $33.99
Row Eleven Rose: $15.99
Stratton Lumis Chardonnay: $16.99
Stratton Lumis Riddler: $21.99
Stratton Lumis Cabernet Sauvignon: $25.99
Cost for all 7 wines will be $5!!! Drop in style, no reservations needed.