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Calvert’s Wine Dinner-March 11

Calvert’s Wine Dinner!

Monday, March 11 at 6:30

Craig is busy planning another great evening for all you food and wine lovers. He will be featuring Stratton Lummis, Row Eleven, and Civello wines produced by Row Eleven Wine Co.

The wines were named after two very different men, Dewey Stratton – a humble man who only wanted to own his own farm and Lummis one of the most famous and colorful personalities of his day. He was an author, editor, archaeologist, advisor to presidents, and a mentor to many artists. He was also a consumer of much wine.

From the heart of Napa Valley, the Stratton Lummis wines are dedicated to Cabernet from the top estates in Oakville and Rutherford. Their Chardonnay comes from the Las Mula’s Ranch in Carneros.

Row Eleven believes in making Pinot Noir that is not too thin or too over extracted. They are a New World wine that finesses back to the Old. They believe their Pinots are just right.

Please join us on March 11 at 6:30 to see what delicious menu Craig will create to show off these wines. Cost is only $65pp including tax and tip. All reservations need to be made to Donna Thompson at 706-836-0457 or you can e-mail her at