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CoCo Wine Festival

The Vineyard Wine Market was proud to help sponsor this year’s CoCo Wine Festival. The judging for the festival was held in our shop on Sept. 23rd. Nine Judges were selected to help us.

For our coverage of this year’s event we re-publish the report from
The CSRA Wine Festival has a new name. The 2010 festival is now called the CoCo Annual Wine Festival. After all the improvements, same ‘GRAPE’ event with a great new name.
BottleReport’s Dan and Dennis where unfortunately booked and couldn’t attend so they sent their two cub reporters, Mrs. Dan and Ms. Angelia to cover the festivities. You know what they say, when the cat’s away…these mice are going to play. Below is their “report.”

We had a lovely time at the 5th annual Wine and Rose Fest. The minute you walked in, one could smell the sweet fragrance of wine and roses, not to mention the amazing food! It was our first time to this festival so after assuring the check-in table that yes, we needed a wrist band since WE WOULD be tasting, we gathered our glasses, our notes and our smiles.
There were so many wines to choose from, early on we decided to make this our “Pretty Label Tour” and only taste wines with pretty labels and/or lots of medals. (What the heck, the guys weren’t around to heckle so it was all girl’s rules.) Below are some picture galleries from all of the great people we met on our tour.

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