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Dave Phinney Wine Dinner-March 21

This will be a seriously big tasting. Dave Finney has built an amazing portfolio that includes Orin Swift and GB Crane. These are not low-end wines. Nothing seen like this in the CSRA!

We will only be able to accommodate 24 people. Prepaid reservations only. Call the store to reserve a seat, 706-922-9463.

This will be held in our new location (right next door to our old location) on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.

Not for the faint-at-heart, these are seriously big, huge wines! $150 per person! 13 wines plus 6 courses & dessert! Chef Justin Hayes will prepare the food & menu.

Here is our line up for a March 21 wine dinner!
6 courses plus dessert!

GB Crane Cabernet Sauvignon: $249.99
GB Crane El Coco: $79.99
Mercury Head Cabernet Sauvignon: $124.99
Orin Swift Palermo Cabernet Sauvignon: $49.99
Orin Swift Papillon Red Blend: $69.99
Orin Swift Machete: $52.99
GB Crane Disciples: $49.99
Orin Swift The Prisoner: $39.99
Orin Swift D 66: $42.99
Saldo Red Zinfandel: $31.99
Orin Swift Mannequin Chardonnay: $32.99
Prisoner Blindfold White Blend: $31.99
& a surprise dessert wine!