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Dec. 29, 2010-Newsleter

Vineyard Wine Market Newsletter

Dear Reader,

Hours are 10 AM to 8 PM through the end of the year! We will close at 8 PM Friday, New Year’s Eve and will be closed on New Year’s Day! NO TASTING THIS WEEKEND!

We Are Having Our Own Tea Party!

20% Off with Cash or Check! 15% Off with Credit Cards! Bottle One!

Due to a crazed law in Georgia, we will be holding an “Inventory Reduction Sale” the rest of the year! This will be a 3 day sale and will not be extended after the end of the year. We only had a sale like this two times in our 5 year history!

Georgia is the only state in the southeast and one of less than ten that continues to levy an ad valorem tax on inventory. The inventory tax hits retailers particularly hard for many reasons. The inventory tax must be paid without regard to profitability; discriminates irrationally and does not affect all businesses in an equal manner; and, it often encourages businesses to house inventory outside the state where the inventory tax can be avoided. Georgia Retail Association believes that consideration should be given to exempting business inventory from ad valorem taxation, or at the very least steps should be taken to begin a phase out or scaling back of this discriminating, regressive tax.

According to Mr. Heavener of the Georgia Retail Association, less than 10 states nationwide have inventory taxes, and for good reason. Nearly all states have eliminated this obnoxious levy, which poisons business growth, destroys jobs and unfairly soaks the private sector. Georgia, unfortunately, has not. Besides Georgia, the only other state in the South that imposes it is Mississippi.

Georgia must find a way to cut this tax leech out of the picture and improve conditions for business. Until it does, the state is cutting its own throat.

They say Rog, don’t rock the boat, keep your head down, don’t bite the hand that feeds you, but this tax is not paid by The Vineyard; it’s paid by you in higher prices. It’s paid by you in lost business and jobs. So let have a Tea Party the next three days!

Here is how it will work! 20% off with cash or check! 15% off with credit cards! Bottle one! Buy one bottle or 100! You get the discount! On any bottles with 20% already off the price you will get another 5% off!

Christmas items will be 30% off!

Christmas Beers and other beers will be 10% off!

All Accesories will be 30% off! Vinturi, Stemware, Cheese boards, Coolers and 50% off Wine Books!

Come Early For The Best Bargins!

We Will Also Provide You With a Cup of Gary Player Tea while you shop!

Four Flavors Available

Boma Gold! This bright, beautiful combination of exotic mango flavors and colorful flowers perfectly balanced by the warm and earthy notes of rooibos. One cup will stimulate all your senses. Experience it for yourself!

Colesberg Sunset! Reminiscent to the romantic and seductive African sunsets. The rich and juicy orange flavors in this loose leaf rooibos blend are bold and fiery. You don’t want to miss it!.

Karoo Brew! Refreshing apple and mellow amaretto flavors blended with loose leaf rooibos make this a great alternative to an after-dinner nightcap. Add milk for an extra creamy twist.

Zulu Blend! A fruity and spicy combination of honey-like loose leaf rooibos, warm cinnamon and sweet plums. Enjoy this delicious infusion with every sip. Don’t miss it!.

Region: South Africa
Body: light to moderate
Caffeine: none
The Grand Slam Rooibos Collection is comprised of four exclusive blends chosen The Grand Slam Rooibos Collection is comprised of four exclusive blends chosen to honor South African golf legend Gary Player and his Grand Slam achievement, a feat achieved by only five individuals in the history of golf. For Gary Player, wellness is a way of life.

We have a new website! Check it out. You can look at the list of wines and beers we have on hand, past events, area restaurants, past Grapevine Newsletters, gift registry, daily updated news about happenings in the wine world and much more.

Request for special orders for wines, beers and request for donations may be made through the new website. for all you wine emergency needs! Easy to remember and easy to navigate.
We have a big sell of wonderful wines! 20% off with all forms of payment. Come in and look for the Red Tags to take advantage of these great prices and nice wines. We are trying to make room for several new wines which will be coming into the store the next couple of months.


Roger Strohl
“The Vineyard” at Evans
Phone: (706) 922-9463

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