Now Cork & Flame

December 30 Tasting

This week’s tasting will be Saturday only from 2 to 6 PM. No tasting on Friday!
If you haven’t seen the store, come by. We are different! We are not a liquor store. The Vineyard has the largest wine selection in the CSRA; no one else comes close! We have over 2200 different wines and over 200 different craft beers. We add more each week. We don’t just bring any old wine into the store. It has to meet our standards. For every 5 wines that make it into the store, we will taste 100. We only bring in the best leaving the others for liqour stores. But It doesn’t matter if you have the largest selection if its not quality! Our wines are quality, we know, we have tasted them! From $3 to $300, quality is the goal.

This Thanksgiving we want to thank all our customers for making us the number one wine store in the CSRA! Thank you and have a blessed holiday!