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Hirsch Leap Day Tasting

Please join us as we taste with Jasmine Hirsch her outstanding Chardonnay and Pinot noirs from the remote Sonoma Coast. Hirsch Vineyard has been called by many America’s Grand Cru site for Pinot.

Jasmine started at Hirsch with the 2008 vintage, a difficult vintage made more challenging by an economic recession. She dove in, recalling a mentor’s advice: “You learn more in a down market than you will ever learn when it’s up.”

Now Jasmine manages the company in the market while David Hirsch works on converting the property to biodynamics. “This is our first year of the conversion for the entire 1,000 acres,” he says. We’re reforesting, bringing in sheep and cows, a creamery. With the vineyard, we’re starting in field six, which had been organic. We’re budgeting scores of years.”

Here is our line up for this meet & greet walk-in tasting with Jasmine:

Hirsch Vineyard Sonoma Chardonnay ’09: $52.99
Hirsch Vineyard Bohan Dillon Pinot Noir: $35.99
Hirsch Vineyard San Andrea Pinot Noir: $59.99
Hirsch Vineyard Reserve Pinot Noir: $84.99
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