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Italian Weekend Tasting-July 28-29

The country of Italy is steeped in wine tradition. With over 1,000 indigenous grape varieties, it is no wonder that all regions in the country have a rich tradition with the vine. It would take a life-time of unflinching study to learn all the deep complexities of viticulture here and we will touch only on some of the most important aspects of Italian viticulture. We are going to explore some of that this weekend, Friday, July 28, 2017, 5-7PM and Saturday, July 29, 2017, 5-7PM.

Friday’s & Saturday’s Wine Tasting!

Please join us 5-7 for this Lineup.

Stella Rossa Moscato: $12.99

Trifula Bianco, 70% Cortese, 30% Chardonnay: $11.99

Trifula Bianco, 80% Barbera, 20% Nebbiolo: $11.99

Franco Serre Dolcetto D’Alba: $13.99

Tenuta Rocca Qrnati: $29.99

Gran Passione Rosso: $14.99

With this tasting we will be serving up some great Italian recipes sure to accentuate these wines from Italy! !!

$9 for the flight & food pairings.