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JAQK Cellars Tasting Saturday

JAQK Cellars this Saturday Only 2 to 6 PM

Saturday Only! Friday’s Tasting will be a Different Set of Wines

Saturday, November 10; Our regular tasting will be from 2 to 6 PM and will have one fabulous wine tasting! JAQK Cellars!!! Wait till you try these! The wines are already picked out and the bottles will be available to be signed!

We will be tasting two sets of wines; the California Collection and the Napa Collection. The California Collection are wines made from grapes sourced from around different vineyards around the state of California. The Napa Collection are a selection of wines made from grapes only from the Napa region.

Here is our line up:

Charmed Sauvignon Blanc: $23.99
Her Majesty Chardonnay: $23.99
Bone Dance Merlot: $25.99
22 Black Cabernet Sauvignon: $31.99

Pearl Handle Chardonnay: $36.99
Soldiers of Fortune Syrah: $43.99
Black Clover Merlot: $46.99
High Roller Cabernet Sauvignon: $74.99
This will be a very high-end tasting and the cost will be $15.00 for all eight wines. Our Friday tasting will be $5.