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King of Grapes Tasting


4:30-6:30PM Friday, January 12- and 2-6PM Saturday, January 13, 2013.

Long referred to as the world’s most famous wine grape, Cabernet Sauvignon also possesses immense depth. Grown in almost all wine regions around the globe, from Sicily to Sonoma, Chile to Bordeaux; the red wine grape expresses its flavor differently depending on the region. A detection of green bell pepper might emerge on the palate with one bottle, but with another it’s all about silky notes of chocolate and cherries.

What was once an oaky, husky red wine is now lighter and delicate, but with equal amounts of dark fruit and complexity.

Over the years it’s been less about aging and more about drinking immediately. The focus now, instead of extraction, is about velvetiness and softness.

Here is our line-up:

Sivas-Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon: $16.99
Karma Cabernet Sauvignon: $14.99
Salvia Tierra Cabernet Sauvignon: $26.99
Cenay Blue Tooth Cabernet Sauvignon: $32.99
Atlas Peaks Mountain Blend Cabernet Sauvignon: $36.99
Pascul Toso: $10.99
One other white……..
$10 for the tasting flight.