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Memorial Day Weekend Tasting

Summer is the time for picnics and BBQs, the kind of events where BYOB is a given, not just an option. Selecting the right wine for warmer weather can be a challenge, especially since the wrong bottle could overpower the light fresh fare Mother Nature is offering up this season.

We will be featuring a series of new wines that will go splendidly with our hot summer months this week. Along with summer style wines we will feature a series of beers called Abita from Louisiana. Come by; bring a friend and taste something a little different!

Our line-up:

Le Drunk Rooster Chardonnay
Les Merites del Eaclave Cotes Du Rhone Rose’
Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Village
Le Drunk Rooster Grenache/Syrah
Domaine De Chateau Cuvee Bastien
Abita Lemon Wheat Beer
Abita Amber
Abita Purple Haze
Abita Jackamo IPA
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