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Michael David Wine Seminar

Josh Brett entertained a sellout crowd at the Vineyard with exciting new vintages of the Michael David Winery. Earthquake, Petite Petite, Windmill, and many more!!! As always happens with the Michael David tastings, everyone had a great time. And there were great meatballs from Pizza Central.
Each wine brought more appreciative comments from the tasters, who loved all the wines. Each wine came from the Lodi region in California, which is inland and warmer than many California growing regions. The evening started out quietly with two pretty good whites, but reds dominated. Michael David only makes three white wines, so it’s easy to see where their heart is.
By the time we reached the first red, a very nice Windmill Old Vine Zinfandel, the crowd was getting warmed up and rowdy. The Petite Petit brought the volume up high, and Josh had everyone laughing as he told the story behind the clever label that features two elephants and subtle references to other Michael David wines.
The next three wines were under the Earthquake brand: Zin, Cabernet and Petite Sirah. All were tasty, but the Cabernet showed particularly well.
The star of the night was Rapture, a Cabernet that was like a symphony in the mouth. A very complex, muscular wine it still was well-rounded and easy to drink. It was a deep, inky purple in the glass, and as soon as it was poured, the aromas filled the room.
Roger then opened some Lust Zinfandel, which lived up to its name. After a few sips of this lush wine, everyone lusted after more. It was a huge hit, as was the entire evening.
Michael David Winery is known for being innovative, making great wine and having fun with their labels. This tasting just added to that reputation. [Reprinted with Permission of]

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