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Nov. 11, 2010-Newsletter

Vineyard Wine Market Newsletter

Dear Reader,

I want to thank all our Veterans that have sacrificed so much of their time, their families, their health, their limbs, and even at times their minds and lives. I have two sons, Jason and Aaron who have served overseas, Jason, who was in the Navy, was in the first wave to go to the Middle East in 2001. Aaron has served 15 months overseas and then one year in the Middle East with the Air Force. Both would do it again and both don’t think they sacrificed enough. Like the many solders that come into the store, they all have a common thread; humility or humbleness, courteous, respectful and most do not say how much they have sacrificed because they don’t think they have done enough and most would do it all again.

Self-sacrifice may also be more broadly defined as selflessness, or the readiness to inflict pain upon yourself to save others.

I like to see a man or women proud of the place in which they lives. I like to see a man or a woman live so that their place will be proud of them. WE ARE PROUD OF OUR VETERANS! Thank you for all your sacrifices for us and others!

Veterans please click here for a video tribute to you.


Friday 4:30 to 6:30 & Saturday 1 to 6 PM
Three decades ago, the California Central Coast had yet to emerge as one of North America’s world-class winegrowing regions. With little history or viticultural precedent, planting on the Central Coast was a gamble. One of an early handful of pioneers, Jerry Lohr was among the first to realize the vast, untapped potential of this now-acclaimed region with the establishment of J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines.

J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines is dedicated to producing flavorful wines that are the finest examples of quality and flavor from our given appellations.

Today, J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines includes more than 900 acres of cool-climate estate vineyards in Monterey County, with an emphasis on Chardonnay, Riesling, Valdiguié and Pinot Noir, 2,000 acres in Paso Robles dedicated to Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, Petite Sirah and other red varietals, and 33 acres in Napa Valley, highlighting Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc. From this rich and diverse palette of sustainably farmed estate fruit, J. Lohr crafts wines showcasing bold, concentrated flavors and a vibrant sense of place. The winery offers four tiers of award-winning wines: J. Lohr Estates, J. Lohr Vineyard Series and J. Lohr Cuvée Series. New to the signature portfolio is J. Lohr Gesture limited-release wines.

Here is our line-up for the weekend:

  • J. Lohr Sauvignon Blanc Carol’s Vineyard
  • J. Lohr Arroya Vista Chardonnay
  • J. Lohr Valdigue Wildflower
  • J. Lohr Falcon’s Perch Pinot Noir
  • J. Lohr Los Osos Merlot
  • J. Lohr Tower Road Petite Sirah
  • J. Lohr Hilltopr Cabernet Sauvignon

Come by and bring your friends and find some wines perfect for Thanksgiving!

Click here or on the picture to visit the J. Lohr website.

Beaujolais for the Ballet!!!

Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010 at 7 pm
In the 1980’s a French wine merchant, Georges Deboeuf, successfully marketed an autumn wine called Beaujolais Nouveau, but few people know much about this region’s other offerings. Come experience the Beaujolais region of France as Chef Manuel Verney-Carron takes us on a rare culinary journey. Authentic French hors d’oeuvres, wine tasting, and a fantastic auction including a vacation to Paris and a private, backstage tour with best-in-house seats to The Lion King. Please join us and support our only fundraiser for the year – Beaujolais for the Ballet!

Enjoy French food, music, wine and film under the stars at Paine House, the home of Dr. George C. Bradley and Dr. Tina Marshall-Bradley. Tickets are $50 per person/special seating tables of 8 for $750.

Fantastic Savings on French Bordeaux!!!

This is a pre-order and at savings which will amaze!

We have an opportunity to provide a huge savings on the fantastic vintage of ’05 Bordeaux and a couple of ’04 and ’06. These will not be repeated and are very limited.

Here is the wines, regular cost and savings!:

  • Pavillon du Glana ’06: Regular: $33.99 for $17.99!
  • Marquis de Bellefont ’05: Regular: $39.99 for $19.99!
  • Chateau haut Bellevue ’05: Regular: $22.99 for $11.99!
  • Chateau Dauprat ’04: Regular: $33.99 for $17.99!
  • Chateau Beau Site Haut Vigoble ’05: Regular $ $33.99 for $17.99!!!
  • Josephine de Boyd ’04: Regular: $45.99 for $19.99!!!!
  • Le Benjamin de Beauregard ’05: Regular: $49.99 for $21.99!!!!

These wines would make great Christmas gifts for the wine lover in your family.

Coming Events!

Speaker Seminars are limited to 30 People

Monday, Dec. 6th 7-9 PM: Peter Lehmann Seminar with Mark Weeber. Here at The Vineyard. Limited to 30 people. $25

Wine Club: A Year Around Gift!

The wines for October are ready for pickup!

Give a unique gift that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Stay in front of your corporate clientele, reminding them of you monthly with our wine of the month selection, or tell a friend or family member you care, each and every month. Our memorable selections include hand- selected, unique wines from top quality wineries. Every month we review hundreds of selections and choose the very best in quality wine. Our selections are guaranteed to impress even the most discriminating connoisseur.

Click here and download or print out our form. Fill it in and bring it the shop.

We have a new website! Check it out. You can look at the list of wines and beers we have on hand, past events, area restaurants, past Grapevine Newsletters, gift registry, daily updated news about happenings in the wine world and much more.

Request for special orders for wines, beers and request for donations may be made through the new website. for all you wine emergency needs! Easy to remember and easy to navigate.
We have a big sell of wonderful wines! 20% off with all forms of payment. Come in and look for the Red Tags to take advantage of these great prices and nice wines. We are trying to make room for several new wines which will be coming into the store the next couple of months.


Roger Strohl
“The Vineyard” at Evans
Phone: (706) 922-9463

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