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November 7, 2012-Newsletter

The Vineyard! One of the Best of 365 Wine Shops in the USA!!!

November 30th Issue

Best of Augusta? Best of Columbia County? How about “Best of 365 Wine Shops in the USA!” Every year Wine Spectator picks the best wine shops in the nation. This year, for the second time since we opened, The Vineyard was picked as one of the best in the USA!

We were surprised when we got the call last month and we are listed in the November 30th issue. Unlike other titles of “The Best” we didn’t stuff any ballot box or buy advertising to win. We just do what we do; provide the finest selections of wine and service in the area. We bring to the community new and exciting wines and tastings and Wine Spectator, the experts in the wine industry, has taken notice! Thank you Wine Spectator for the honor and the trust you have placed in The Vineyard.

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