Now Cork & Flame

Now, this is a tasting! 90 wines?

Some of the 90 wines after the  judging

Some of the 90 wines after the judging

Ninety Wines to Pick from this Weekend! $5!

Friday 4:30 to 6:30 & Saturday 2 to 6 PM

That’s right! Here is the tasting you don’t want to miss! We will have a huge number of wines open for you to taste this Friday & Saturday. Of course you will not be able to taste them all; just too many. Here is how it will work this week; you pay $5 your get 7 tickets to try any of the wines you pick out.

This is going to be a tasting you control by choosing the wines you want to taste! You can pick from whites, reds, sparkling, dry, sweet, chards, cabs, blends or pick by the looks of the label! We have to control the tasting with so many wines open so you have to present a ticket for each sample.