Now Cork & Flame

Saturday Only Tasting-April 21

We have a number of wines we are trying to move because of vintage changes or these wines being dropped from our distributors’ portfolio. We have already marked the wines down to where in some cases it’s only a penny above cost.

These wines are a tremendous buy plus they are very good! It’s funny how when one bottle is left on the shelf, people will bypass it and not purchase it. Put another few bottles behind it, then it moves! So we will call this “Our Lonely Heart Tasting”.

Once we taste out of one particular wine, we will find another to take its place in our line-up. We will be tasting at least 6 wines. possibly seven or eight. $5 will be the charge this week. All the wines are already discounted so no more discounts can be given on these selected wines.

The tasting will begin at 2 PM till 6 PM. No Tasting on Friday.