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Trade Show Tasting-March 15-16

We have found several new wines at the several trade shows over the past few weeks that we will feature this weekend. Every year around this time our distributors will invite us to their trade show and we find some jewels! Sometimes it may be a new wine and sometimes it’s a wine we carry but of a different vintage which might be much more spectacular than the older vintage.

We will show a few of these new finds this weekend. Come by, bring a friend and give them a try!

Stepping Stone by Cornerstone of Napa Sauvignon Blanc: $16.99
Clos Pegase Chardonnay: $26.99
3 Girls Pinot Noir: $15.99
3 Girls Cabernet Sauvignon: $16.99
OZV Old Zin Vines Red Zinfandel: $14.99
Concannon Vineyard Conservancy Crimson & Clover: $15.99
Mi Sueno El Llano Napa Red: $41.99