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Mercer Weekend Tasting

Our usual weekend tasting but with something special. The hours will be 4:30-6:30pm on Friday, and 2-6pm on Saturday. Don’t worry, we’ll have the game on.

1774: Hugh Mercer (Scottish Highlander) arrives from Scotland a doctor and soldier under George Washington. He dies at the Battle of Princeton, but is survived by his five children – thus the beginning of the Mercer Clan in the United States.

1886: William Mercer (Rob and Will’s Great, Great Grandfather) heads west, determined to find property that would allow him to support his family. He settled in the Prosser area at this time.

The Mercer Family came to the Horse Heaven Hills more than 125 years ago and has been farming for four generations. They planted their first grape vines in 1972, making them the first family to plant and grow vinifera in the state. The family also has deep roots in livestock and vegetable row crops.

The diversified operations all occur on their 13,000 acre farm located along the Columbia River. The family is known throughout Eastern Washington for their work ethic, their patriotism and their contributions to the community.

This weekend The V will feature both Mercer Canyon & Mercer Estate wines! Mercer Estate received 90+ points for their Cab, Chard & Bordeaux blend from Wine Advocate. PLUS!!!! The great news is if you buy a case of Mercer you will get 10% off plus another $24 off!

Buy 6 bottles of Mercer and you will get 5% off plus another $12 off! Get $3 off on any purchase of two bottles of Mercer!

Here is our line-up:

Mercer Canyon Riesling
Mercer Canyon Chardonnay
Mercer Canyon Red Blend
Mercer Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon
Mercer Estate Riesling
Mercer Estate Pinot Gris
Mercer Estate Chardonnay
Mercer Estate Merlot