Now Cork & Flame

Weekend Tasting-Feb. 1-2

We will exhibit several wonderful wines this weekend, but the one that will surprise you will be Spicerack Punchdown Syrah! Only 420 cases produced! Spicerack Vineyards craft only about 25 barrels a year of their Spicerack “Punchdown” Syrah. It gets its name from the many times the fermenting grape “cap” is punched down into the heady must to extract color and flavor. Richly textured yet beautifully balanced, Spicerack is a must have for any full flavored meals! In other words, it’s damn good! We were only was able to get two cases.

Here is our line up for the weekend:

Sarao Cava which is a Kosher Sparkling Wine: $11.99
Genesis Chardonnay: $14.99
J. Lohr Wildflower Valdiguie: $10.99
Vieille Ferme Red Blend of Grenacha, Syrah & Cinsault: $8.99
Spicerack Punchdown Syrah: $24.99
Jack Nicklaus Cabernet Suvignon: $39.99
The tasting will be $8 this week. Come by; bring a friend and enjoy a great tasting!